Are We Living in a Tech Bubble?


Are We Living in a Tech Bubble?

by Tanvir Ahmed Chowdhury

by Tanvir Ahmed Chowdhury

[vc_row type=”container”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Are We Living in a Tech Bubble?

It is evident that with the introduction of cell phones, the internet, Blockchain, and many other technological developments that the world is becoming increasingly more reliant on individuals who know their way around it. Due to the state of our world and its tech progress, computer science majors are becoming more and more vital as the years go by. But is society merely living in a tech bubble that can burst at any moment? The short answer is, no. To further elaborate on this, it is crucial to explore the opportunities that modern technology provides us with as well as the issues it helps remedy.

The Tech Bubble

Currently, seven of the worlds ten highest net worth companies are involved in the technology industry. Which is no surprise since stock prices relating to the tech industry have seen explosive growth. There is a possibility that most of the worlds cumulative earnings are directly correlated with the worlds tech industry. This, of course, makes any major related to the tech sector quite appealing.

Many startups are popping up on a regular basis that is pursuing perspective IT projects that are not only innovative but help solve real-world issues and push societies forward. Take the Blockchain for example, or prospective startups like ZenCash or ChainLink that are providing innovative solutions for everyday problems. A lot of the earnings of the world are correlated with the worlds tech industry, and Apple is making strides towards becoming the world’s first trillion-dollar tech company.

Business owners and users are becoming more and more focused on how technology can help them improve their day to day operations. With more demand turning towards technology, it’s no surprise that computer science majors are one of the most sought after in the current modern professional industry.

The Issues

Despite being prosperous, the tech industry has its barrel of issues. There are many tech startups that pop up, devote a lot of attention to marketing, yet after investors devote their assets, they get nothing in return. Why? Because many tech paths have led to nothing but disappointment. Though, it must be noted that the tech industry has just started to pick itself up and turn its gears into hyperdrive. For example, many organizations are willing to adopt Blockchain technology. However, a variety of security and technical issues arise during the process. Though, it’s quite fortunate that there are CS professionals out there that are ready to face the rising challenges of today’s developing tech industry.

The Future

However, are we too reliant on the technology that encircles our entire lives? The answer is quite simple. No, although there may be ridiculous projects towards which funds are diverted. The truth of the matter is that, despite it seeming like there is a tech bubble present in our society, due to the vast amount of new tech startups appearing everywhere and gathering massive amounts of funds through crowdsourcing. The truth of the matter is that there is no tech bubble. Today’s society is just more tech-friendly and more accepting of new developments that ease everyday life. So, individuals looking to hop into the computer science sector or pursue this industry with academic interest will surely not be wrong in their decision.