SunSoft Online offers:

  • Personalized service for established companies and growing startups
  • Resumes on your desk in 24 hours or less
  • All candidates vetted by our staff
  • Contract-to-hire program
  • Managed outsourced contractors


We Work With Established Companies

Since 2006, we’ve filled hundreds of key technology and IT positions for companies all over Silicon Valley. We find and vet superior candidates, and we offer them to you in record time, usually less than 24 hours after your request. We cover all IT positions: department managers, programmers, tech writers, web developers, database administrators, CRM experts, testing specialists, mobile developers, network engineers, and everything in between.


Never Miss a Great Candidate

In today’s hiring world, the Internet makes it possible to screen hundreds of applicants for a position. But this same efficiency also means that you might miss the best candidates because of something unusual about how they responded to your posting. We understand that everyone is unique, and that can be a good thing! With SunSoft Online as your recruiter, you'll never miss great candidates. We screen each one personally for the key traits and experience that you need for each position.

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Outsourced Contractors

Outsourcing can be a valuable management tool that lets you expand your team without adding payroll and overhead. SunSoft Online hires and pays your contractors, letting you easily grow and reduce your team as needed. This strategy works well for specialists you need on a short-term basis, or for executing those ASAP projects when your staff is already tied up.

We offer several outsourcing options:

  • Local, North America-based, or offshore
  • Managed by you or by us
  • Located at your premises or ours
  • Vetted by you or by us

We can also handle health benefits, 401Ks, and even life insurance for contractors, depending on your policies and requirements.



Another benefit of outsourcing through SunSoft Online is our Contract-to-Hire program. This plan lets you hire an individual as a contractor, evaluate them in real time, and convert them to a full-time employee if you like their performance.

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Startups & Early Stage

As a startup, you face several recruiting challenges:

  • No track record or reputation to attract top talent
  • Limited budget
  • Few or no employee benefits
  • Limited time – when you need someone, you need them immediately

Of course, startups also offer recruiting benefits:

  • The excitement of working on something entirely new
  • Founder’s shares and/or company ownership
  • A highly creative work environment


The Startup Difference

At SunSoft Online, we understand startups and early-stage companies, and we specialize in helping you find qualified candidates – from UI specialists to mobile developers to hot hackers – as fast as you need them. We also know that not everyone can work in the high-pressure, long-hours environment it takes to start a company, and that the traits for a successful founding team are different than those needed for an established company's day-to-day operations.


More than Recruiting

As an early-stage company, you probably don’t have the in-house staff to handle HR, payroll, or other employee-related tasks. And frankly, wouldn’t you rather put your resources toward hiring development or marketing talent? For a fraction of the cost of hiring an HR person, SunSoft Online can handle any or all of those tasks for you. Our team can support you with:

  • Training
  • Employee handbooks
  • Employee orientation
  • Employment legal compliance
  • Background checks
  • Payroll processing

We can also hire, manage, and provide space and equipment for outside contractors so that you won’t have to add short-term or permanent employees until your revenues can support them.

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